The Instagram reel that went viral

Instagram: @paintemadesimple 

Meet Amy Sadler


With many years of experience as a professional cabinet painter and interior color consultant, Amy has a ton of knowledge to share with all of you. And she is doing a spectacular job at doing just that! Once you browse around her Blog, Instagram and Facebook pages, you quickly get a sense of her trustworthy advise for anyone trying to make design choices.
“Color is my love language“ - Amy

The Paint Made Simple reel that went bonkers

The first time I met Amy was when I sent along some JCampbell Wallpaper Sheet samples for her to experience in person. I sent them to her because I felt she would possibly use them in one of her crafting or home decor projects. We ❤️'d &  🥰'ed each other's posts and reels for a while and then all of a sudden - WOW - Amy had started a new Instagram feed that literally went viral. Her new feed focused on educating people about cabinet colors and paint colors that coordinated with different decor tastes. This was an instant - viral - success and her following has grown like wildfire. Amy is saying what people need to hear about kitchen cabinets and paint colors in a visual, concise and playful way. Bravo, Amy! 


Some Great Paint Made Simple offerings 


Get this! Whether you are renovating or not, this publication is an in-depth, easy to read explanation of all the elements you should get a little more familiar with when thinking about color and decor in your home. 

 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Video

Are you wanting to upgrade your kitchen with new cabinet colors? 

 Design Style Quiz

Amy has created a fre quiz that will help you understand what your style is and why. It's quite popular! 


We love the choice of JCampbell Wallpaper Sheets featured in the Paint Made Simple reels!

 We chatted on the phone and realized that both of us had the same driving force behind our businesses: We wanted to help people make their spaces great. This is a great story about to two woman-owned businesses finding each other in a sea of algorithms and feeds.  

Happy to be collaborating with you, Amy! 

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