Wallpaper Sheet Lookbook

Complementing Traditional Furniture

This traditional Frieda design, like many of our historic patterns, looks right at home in most decor settings.

Freida Wallpaper Sheets

Refresh your pantry with a punch of color and pattern.

Voysey Tulip Tree Wallpaper Sheets

You can create an 'area rug' look with FloorAppliques in a few minutes.

Red Barn Quilt FloorAppliques

Farmhouse Easy

Mixing a timeless pattern with a light textural wall and natural stone. Beautiful!

Frieda Wallpaper Sheets

These neutral traditional FloorAppliques tie together the whole look of this airy farmhouse decor.

Neuatral Traditional FloorAppliques

Embellish just about any smooth surface and add some beautiful floral highlights to your fresh space.

Lily's Floral DieCuts

Boho looks. Perfect for dorms and rentals.

Eclectic! Frieda Wallpaper Sheets are feeling right at home in this bohemian, fun bedroom.

Frieda Wallpaper Sheets

Renting in a pre-war building? Wallpaper Sheets look fabulous framed in wall moulding panels.

Lily's Floral Wallpaper Sheets

Bring those tiny spaces alive! This combination of yellow, black & white will make you smile everytime you come home.

Yellow Diamond Floor Appliques

Mid Century Modern Looks

Bringing the outdoors into this Midcentury Modern home office.

Voysey Tulip Tree Wallpaper Sheets

Peel & Stick Grey Network FloorAppliques are the perfect compliment to this sleek midcentury modern couch.

Grey Network FloorAppliques

William Morris' craftsman-style design always complements any decor. His Leicester pattern is made for a modern aparment entryway.

Morris Leicester Wallpaper Sheets


Sometimes the sleek modern IKEA cabinets need some color!

Frieda Wallpaper Sheets

Mixing natural tones with a modern tulip table.

Morris Willow Wallpaper Sheets

Transitioning from your favorite starter decor to a dreamy modern home? Look how perfectly this flooring completes the story!

Neutral Traditional FloorAppliques

Southwest Decor

Mix pattern, natural wood, painted wood and a woven rug for an authentic looking southwest room.

Frieda Wallpaper Sheets

Because they are easy to trim, Wallpaper Sheets work terrific on curved wall surfaces too.

Beige Acanthus Wallpaper Sheets

William Morris' Willow Bough pattern was created in England in 1880's, but it looks like it was made for this natural southwest style.

Morris Willow Wallpaper Sheets

Home Offices

Putting together these flea market finds has created the coziest home work space.

Morris Willow

Create a work area with just a few Wallpaper Sheets and your favorte IKEA desk and chair.

Voysey Tulip Tree Wallpaper Sheets

Take ten minutes and use FloorAppliques to define an area specifically for your studies.

Moroccan Blue & White FloorAppliques


Your morning coffee rituals is even lovelier with pattern, natural tones and polished silver pieces.

Kilburn Atrium Botanical

Eclectic SoHo kitchen with glass open shelving, bright enamal wear and fun ceramics.

Black Acanthus

Use the Wallpaper Sheets to line your kitchen draws too. Easy to clean and wipe down.

Kilburn Atrium Botanical


Many customers like to use our Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor Appliques as backsplashes. They work great!

Red Barn Quilt FloorAppliques

Beautiful rich florals in the kitchen make the perfect backdrop for displaying your favorite pots, cutting boards and fresh foods. Bon Appetit!

Kilburn Dark Botanical

Fresh looks with light colors and light botanical patterns.

Kilburn Atrium Botanical

Other uses for Wallpaper sheets

Covering a chest with Wallpaper Sheets is an easy DIY project.

Frieda Wallpaper Sheets

Use an extra sheet or two to line a serving tray to accessorize with an accent wall.

Kilburn Dark Botanical Wallpaper Sheets

Framing Wallpaper Sheets gives you instant framed art!

Beige Acanthus

Keep checking back for more inspiration photos