Wallpaper Sheets


What surfaces can wallpaper sheets go on: Wallpaper Sheets can go on any smooth, clean surface. Wood, sheetrock walls, glass, furniture and cabinetry. If your walls are slightly textured, it will work on that as well. 

Can I clean Wallpaper Sheets?  Yes. There is a thin protective layer on the organic wallpaper that will protect the surface from moisture once on your wall. For example, wallpaper sheets work great as a backsplash or in a bathroom.

Will Wallpaper Sheets harm any surface once I remove them? We have been using this pasted paper for years and it works great! It is a strippable wallpaper and will come off easily from most surfaces. If the sheets tear when removing, simply damp the remaining pieces on the wall with a wet cloth and then remove.

*Once you remove the wallpaper sheets there may remain a thin coating of paste residue. This is easy to remove with a damp cloth.  

Do I need to clean my walls or surfaces before putting Wallpaper Sheets on?  Yes. A clean surface is important for Wallpaper Sheets to perform well for you. 

Are Wallpaper Sheets reusable? We have customers who have stripped them off the wall and tried re-wetting the back and it has worked! However, we do not endorse it as a reusable product. 

How many come in a pack? Wallpaper Sheets are offered in 8 and 50 packs. 

How many packs do I need?  Wallpaper Sheets can be used a few different ways. Measure the area you wish to apply them and use the calculator located on each design page to calculate how many sheets will be needed for your project.

How do I go around corners? Easy... just measure and cut with scissors. 

Can I use Wallpaper Sheets on my furniture?  Yes! We love all the innovative ways our customers have been using Wallpaper Sheets. Repurposing furniture is top of the list. 



Surfaces they can go on: FloorAppliques can go on most existing floors. Ceramic tiles, Wood, Cement, Linoleum and painted floor too. They do not work well on carpet.

Can I clean FloorAppliques?  Yes! 

Will FloorAppliques harm any surface? We have been using this vinyl and adhesive for years and it's great! It will not harm any surface.

Do I need to clean my floor before putting FloorAppliques on?  Yes. A clean surface is important for FloorAppliques to perform well for you. 

Is it easy to put on? YES! Just peel off the backing and place the FloorAppliques tiles on your floor. When placing the next tile down, simply line the edge up to the first one you laid down and smooth on with your hand. To avoid air bubbles, smooth down from one side, down towards the middle and then towards the last edge. If air bubbles occur or you feel like you would need to realign your tiles, simply pull up and replace in the position again.

How many come in a pack? There are six 12"x12" tiles in each pack of FloorAppliques.

How many packs do I need?  FloorAppliques can be used a few different ways. One pack on your floor will look larger than your average doormat and will make a great statement in any room. Two packs is more like a small area rug. Three or four packs feels like an area rug. We have done 'wall to-wall' FloorAdorning and works great as a resurfacing of existing floors. Calculators are available on each design page. 

How do I go around corners? Easy... just measure and cut with scissors. 

Can I use FloorAppliques on my walls?  Yes, but we are hoping you use them on your floors! This new high tech coating is really meant to hold up to your day-to-day household traffic. If you WANT to put them on your walls, they will work wonderfully as a wall accent, backsplash or wall covering.