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A natural and welcome collaboration between JCampbell Design and Filasophie

Instagram: @filasophie

 These two women-owned companies, is a sweet blending of kindred spirits. Both brands draw their inspiration from the beauty of nature and share a deep appreciation for the historical artistry of textiles. Both also strive for their craftsmanship to have the ability to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Meet the Sophie Boutel

Sophie Boutel owner of Filasophie 

Sophie grew up at the foot of the Black Forest - a region near Alsace and Switzerland, which holds a rich heritage of the former textile and wallpaper industry.
After studies in Fashion Design and working several years as a designer and product manager, Sophie decided to dedicate herself to her true passion: exploring antique crafts and illustration. This laid the foundation of her label „Filasophie“ in 2013 where the first collections including heirloom spun cotton ornaments and hand sewn figurines were born, followed by unique illustrations which can be found on greeting cards and gifts.
Her inspiration for surface pattern designs and illustrations come from a combination of current trends, historical art and the beauty of nature -particularly taking references from antique hunting illustrations and 18th century floral wallpaper patterns.

Filasophie Wallpaper Sheet Designs


„Meet the team respectively Hubertus“

Sophie's adoring words:

Hubertus is a true work companion and part of my team here at Filasophie: I find most of my inspiration on daily walks with Hubertus. We explore nature (forest, meadows, small old towns etc) and are always on the hunt for new ideas. Our environment - especially the beauty of nature - holds a wide range of inspiration and ideas for spun cotton figurines but also for my pattern designs.
When we are back home in the atelier he is very calm and the good soul in our house.. But he is also my kind reminder to take a break and to laugh quite a lot as he is also the comedian in our small team. ;)  


JCampbell is very excited to be offering these wondrous handmade sculptures on our website.


“Our Common Thread Is GREEN.”

„Filasophie“ is a play on French words, translated literally „thread of Sophie“ and is in transferred sense the central theme of the company: the philosophy of the label originally was everything related to sewing, threading or spinning and finally was narrowed down to the magical art of creating spun cotton ornaments. 
The figurines are based on a technique which was used in Germany around the turn of the century in 1900 to create whimsical Christmas ornaments.
The ornament is entirely made by hand and with great attention to detail. Several steps are necessary to create each character with love & soul.

Welcome to JCampbell Sophie. 

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