Our Fall Favorite: JCampbell Wallpaper Sheets Inspired By Frida Kahlo


Meet Frieda: Artwork Becomes Organic, Removable Wallpaper

We’re excited to talk about Frida Kahlo and how she is the inspiration for our new removable wallpaper, Frieda, that’s perfect for fall. Full of rich reds, brown, greens and other warm earth tones, it’s the perfect way to cozy up a room. 

The Artwork

While I was browsing through thousands of pieces of antique artwork for JCampbell, I came across a piece of art that felt like a combination of eastern European folk art and South American colors. It was empowering and felt like it had a story to tell. It reminded me of Frida.
We usually create storyboards before bringing a pattern to life. I'd love to share one of the collages we created around the beautiful original artwork that was to become Frieda. This was a first attempt to 'see' the pattern in our collection.


This storyboard shows the original antique piece of artwork purchased along with the images web used for inspiration. It takes many steps to go from the original artwork to the removable wallpaper art you’ll find for purchase. We love using these beautiful antique pieces of art, collaborating with other artists and creating something new and modern for the home. 

The original artwork was in shambles and had to be recreated, but we were absolutely up for the challenge. From the original image in the storyboard, through the creative design process, we end up with these easy-to-use removable wallpaper sheets that line up perfectly with each other. Making your wall covering experience a great one.

Feeling Empowered by Frida’s Independent Spirit

So many of us have a fascination with Frida. The words that come to mind for me are:

Creative • Brave • Intelligent • A Force  

She bore her heart to us all. Frida's paintings explained her heritage, her pain, her love, her heartbreak and her strength. 

This subhead for an article about her in the National Geographic is most fitting:

"The eccentric Mexican artist forced others to recognize her chronic physical and emotional pain."


If you’ve never heard of Frida, let’s introduce you!

Frida: The Feminist Trailblazer

With her art and life, Frida brought power to the struggles that so many of us feel and don't have the tools to express. She also showed the world a new way for women to live and was one of the 20th century’s most influential female artists in so many ways empowering others:  
Frida demanded equality. She wanted to be treated equal to her male contemporaries and didn’t shy away from challenges.
Frida embraced her natural physical characteristics. In a world today of social media filters and pressure to be perfect, Frida celebrated her features. She’s famous for her emblematic mono-brow and for emphasizing her facial hair in her paintings, something that was taboo and masculine in her era — and still remains a bit like that today. But Frida showed us that we could own our unique beauty and draw strength from it. 
Frida celebrated womanhood. Although she sought to be a contemporary of her male counterparts, she didn’t want to blend in. She shows us that we can be strong and wear whatever we want no matter how bold or colorful. 
Through her art, Frida brought women’s issues to light. 
 She was open about her sexuality and unapologetic about being bisexual. This was relatively unheard of for her time period. You could say Frida was an LGBTQ pioneer. 

Our Frieda design coordinates with so many decor styles

Whether it's your grandma's house, a southwestern adobe home, farmhouse style or your first rental, PastedPaper will look right at home. 

As a little side note

We wanted to share this lovely find with you. Since we are foodies here at JCampbell, we ordered this highly recommended book (it is available in both English and Spanish). 

It is full of great stories and recipes that she would make for friends and family. 





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    Can I get a sample of the wallpaper inspired by Freida Kahlo?

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