JCampbell Wallpaper Sheet Collection

Wallpaper Sheets are sold in manageable sized sheets… not rolls! They are a truly unique offering in the world of wallpaper and home interiors. PastedPaper® Organic Wallpaper Sheets come to you in perfectly trimmed sheets that already have a special paste on the back, so you have an easy and enjoyable experience putting them up on your walls.

All of the designs have been expertly crafted to line up perfectly and create beautiful patterns. The sheets remove with ease (truly!) and will not damage your walls in any way.  

Wallpaper Reimagined

The stigma of wallpaper needs to be conquered! At PastedPaper®, we’ve done this by solving  manufacturing logistics, and age-old design challenges. Our creative skills and art direction are not only displayed in the making and styling of the product, but also in the problem solving of how to make these sheets fit together seamlessly. In fact, the whole package is an artistic brainchild created from years of experience and a handful of ‘mother of necessity’. 

PastedPaper®’s timeless designs will always cater to trends, but will also always be right at home in a traditional decor. Take a moment to look at all our photography…  We love putting a lot of care and attention into our photography so that we can give you many ideas on how PastedPaper® can be used.

We will always make an effort to best show you that these beautiful designs will fit in most any decor - whether it’s a cabin in the mountains, a two-story Colonial in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city.

There is a perfect place for PastedPaper® in your home.

Removable Wallpaper

So now you might be wondering… with all of those features and artistic qualities, can PastedPaper® really be easy to remove too? The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

How did we do this?

Honestly, it was a labor of love. We worked hand-in-hand with paper mills to make the perfect paper. The paper itself is a high quality wallpaper that is recyclable, earth friendly and has a paste on the back that is easy to activate - just dip in water.

When you’re ready for a new look, go for it! You don’t have to worry about having special tools or setting aside days of back-breaking labor. One of the most special aspects of PastedPaper® is that the sheets will go on your wall easily and look like genuine wallpaper but you will be able to remove it easily by simply pulling it off. There are no nasty vinyl or chemical adhesives in our product. Don’t be surprised if you end up finding the entire process fun and satisfying!

Commercial Wallpaper Usage

And let's not forget how terrific PastedPaper® is as a wallpaper option for more commercial uses.

Our removable wallpaper sheets are perfect for your waiting room or office. They are a wonderful draw for your cafe wall while creating a cozy and on-trend environment. Or use the sheets as a perfect backdrop for your product displays. PastedPaper® will even make a cheery addition to your public restrooms.